LUMEN | 500 Mercer

LUMEN | 500 Mercer

completed: 2006

Located on a high profile corner across from the Seattle Center and the new Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, this project was designed to support both commercial tenants (500 Mercer) and residential ownership (LUMEN).

The mid-rise concrete project aspires to raise the architectural bar for mixed-use development in the City while activating the neighborhood. The plan organization creates a rich variety of experiences. It is a sleek, modern, and stylish statement to urban living with use of natural materials such as exposed concrete, stone, glass, and stainless steel. Residences are a combination of form and function allowing for unlimited flexibility with open floor plans, luminescent exterior walls, and movable interior wall systems.

The exterior facade responds to the character of the street it faces. On Mercer Street the look is sleek and refined. On Fifth Avenue the modulated facade has angled balconies that maximize views. Historic sycamore trees were preserved, and new hedges and custom seating were added to enhance the street’s promenade quality. Along Roy Street, plantings cascade down the sidewalk slope, improving the pedestrian transition from busy arterial to calm residential neighborhood. Shared space within the condominium project features walkways, intimate landscaped spaces, and a lush private courtyard. Each courtyard-facing townhome has a private garden and entrance.

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