James Court Park & Woonerf

James Court Park & Woonerf

The new city pocket park is located off the inner courtyard to the south of The Douglas Residence Hall, also designed by HEWITT, which features a rain garden that handles 80% of the building’s roof runoff where it is detained, filtered and slowly discharged to the municipal sewer. Student activities revolve around this central courtyard that serves as an extension to the park. The passage of stormwater acts as a unifying element between the three projects, leading you through the courtyard, the woonerf and into the park.

The neighborhood has long desired additional open space. The park and woonerf will reshape a public right-of-way into a community resource as well as create a wonderful neighborhood event space.

The “Cloud,” as currently conceptualized by design collaborator and local artist, Ellen Sollard, is a floating canopy of stainless steel mesh strung with convex mirrors that will serve as a focal element in the park.

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