Lake City Court

Lake City Court

completed: 2012

Lake City Court is a model for dense, urban, family-oriented housing with 86-units specially designed for low-income families. The development is the greenest project to date for the Seattle Housing Authority.

Different colors articulate the building’s many facades allowing residents to identify more clearly with their place within the overall project. Floors and corridors are broken into separate access-controlled wings enhancing resident safety and sense of ownership. Units are large, light and airy with ground-level units having direct outdoor entries.

Rain gardens, porous paving and rainwater recycling are some of the unique landscape features of the project. Multiple pocket parks, streetscape improvements and enhancements to Thornton Creek were also included. A shared barbecue/picnic area between an existing SHA building and this new project help to create a shared identity.

Aggressive green features include rooftop photovoltaic panels that will provide 10% of the building’s total energy and solar hot water panels for domestic hot water use. The building is 30% above ASHRAE standards for energy performance and is made with 10% recycled materials content.

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