Eight Eighty-Eight (888 108th Ave NE) - HEWITT

Eight Eighty-Eight (888 108th Ave NE)

Bellevue is not Seattle. It has its own identity characterized as a “city in a park.” This is reflected in their planning initiatives and zoning code and design guidelines. Notably for the 20-story tower, the City’s attitudes toward the pedestrian realm is reflected in the design decisions.

Pedestrian and vehicular safety dictated an entry drive be aligned with a drive across the street. This effectively split the building into two halves with vehicles driving under the building before entering the garage below. Rules for measuring FAR along with amenity incentives suggested an advantage for limiting the building’s footprint at the street in lieu of landscaping relief from the long, automobile-centric blocks of the 1950’s. Floor area was then maximized high up in the building and angled to offer territorial views between its neighbors.