Excelsior - HEWITT


Located at the intersection of Pine Street and Melrose Avenue, this project reflects past and present identities of the Pike/Pine corridor within the Capitol Hill neighborhood. The site is occupied by two “character structures,” (City designated buildings that are 75 years old or older) the Timken Roller Bearing Building and the Melrose Building. This designation, as defined by the zoning code, allowed the client development incentives such as an increase height and FAR in exchange for retaining the portions of the existing structures. In doing so, the neighborhood has a better chance to retain its unique urban character while providing more opportunity for the growing City.

The facades and street-level tenant spaces of the Timken and Melrose Buildings were restored, along with the facade of a garage building adjacent to the Melrose Building. The new building is set back from the existing street facades on three sides. It is detailed as four distinct buildings, each tailored to the historic structures and the street character surrounding them.

A mid-block court adjacent to the Melrose Apartments provides light, air and open space for residents. Views into the court from the street adds to the variety of experiences on Melrose Ave. Colorful retail and residential terraces on the southwest corner add activity and interest as well, keeping with the transformation of Melrose Avenue into a distinct pedestrian promenade.