222 Dexter

There are two scales that define 222 Dexter’s relationship with the surrounding urban landscape and context. One is the larger scale and how it relates to elements farther away, while the other scale is at the street level and focuses on the pedestrian experience. The larger scale relates to the sky, the weather, water, mountains, and distant landmarks. At this scale, a broader perspective of our environment is experienced. The street level scale and podium of the tower form a relationship with its immediate neighborhood. This relationship is about the block, the streets, the pedestrian experience and the characters that they each possess.

Our approach is based upon the idea of “two-scales, two expressions” with respect to the tower and podium. The design was driven by the community design guidelines for South Lake Union which specifically encourage an angled character in the building form. HEWITT took this as an opportunity to design a new building that could integrate angles while engaging its mid- and low-rise neighbors within a growing neighborhood fabric. 222 Dexter features several entrances and unique ways to experience the building. From varying distances to different ways of seeing, it’s a new sculptural element of the South Lake Union skyline.