333 Dexter

At the nexus of the northern gateway to downtown from Highway 99, the bike super highway on Dexter Avenue and the Lake to Bay pedestrian and bike trail, this landscape design embraces robustly trafficked edges and helps land a tough yet graceful 580,000+ square foot mixed-use office building by the Miller Hull Partnership.  

The midblock is a study in negotiations between layers of landscape and open space. Entering the site from the primary office frontage, the pedestrian has the option to take a grand stair or a circuitous route through landscape and sculptural seating.  The central plaza, between tower lobbies, has playful bowls filled with moss and ferns to enliven the covered open space.  Buffering this space from the busy Aurora (New Seventh Avenue) frontage, a series of bioretention planters create a rich, green bouquet to draw your eye. A sloping walkway and bridge cross these planters providing direct connection to the busy RapidRide stop, the last stop before Highway 99.

On the sun-soaked south plaza, folded wood seats create ample seating opportunities while masking grade transitions and providing generous space for retail to spill out, along with amenities for bicyclists and pedestrians to pause on their journey along the Lake to Bay Trail.