Asian Plaza

The diverse collection of restaurants, retail shops, and neighborhood resource centers of the Asian Plaza development symbolizes the intersection of several historic, cultural and physical boundaries. Home to the Viet-Wah grocery store and other staples, Asian Plaza has faithfully served the needs of International District, Yesler Terrace, and Central District residents for many years.

Increasing urban density opened the opportunity to reform the property at the intersection of 12th Ave and Jackson Street to reflect the community’s cultural history and form its future.

Various long-range community plans indicated a desire to improve some of the neighborhood’s pedestrian links and outdoor spaces. With this in mind, the project features a large public plaza amenity and pedestrian corridors that connect to the Yesler Terrace Hill-Climb to the northwest; to the 12th and Jackson bus and trolley stops to the southeast; and to the Yesler Terrace Main Street re-alignment to the north.

Three 85’ towers sit above a raised podium, which form the boundaries of these pedestrian pathway and plaza spaces. The building program includes a variety of uses intended to serve the community – market-rate and affordable housing, an all-new Viet-Wah Grocery Store, a boutique hotel, a childcare facility, a small community theater, several restaurants, and a variety of small business / retail spaces. Many of the existing neighborhood businesses plan to relocate into the new development upon completion.