111 Westlake

Once home to the South Lake Union Discovery Center – Vulcan’s neighborhood information and project marketing center – 111 Westlake (Vulcan Block 48) is the logistical and cultural gateway to a re-visioned urban South Lake Union. HEWITT is working with the client and architect to design a lively, 18-hour community rich with offices, modern apartments, and ample retail and restaurant options.

The project’s 1/2 acre open space program includes an artful, two-story glass canopy anchoring an expansive open plaza and large, programmable water feature with a unique identity. Site circulation is enhanced by two pedestrian pathways that retail activation at the plaza level and generate open space vitality. The east-west connection features a series of graduated rain gardens with ripple-patterned retaining walls.

Mature trees along the site’s eastern boundary soften the street edge and blend with the Denny Park’s lush arbor to create a pleasant pedestrian pathway connecting to the City-designated Green Street at the northern edge.

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