GreenHouse Apartments

Located in the Columbia City Historic District, this multifamily development is close to light rail and many Metro routes. The entire site is infused with urban agriculture, promoting the greenhouse theme. There are 125 p-patches on the rooftop and street-level for resident and neighborhood use, enough for a plot for each unit. A vertical trellis and sculptural downspouts provide visual connections from the street to the roof garden.

A landscaped forecourt allows for an activated transition from the street to the building entrance area. Fruiting courtyard trees produce plums, cherries, apples, figs and almonds with a berry patch at the center. A professional urban farmer will care for the courtyard plots in an effort to show year-round produce.

Building water runoff feeds a terraced garden that guides pedestrians down to  the garage level and screens the parking garage from right-of-way views.