Jackson Apartments

Long a hub of community commerce and discourse, the SE corner of the intersection of 23rd and Jackson will gain new civic space as part of the development of Jackson Apartments. Three micro-retail buildings, planned for use by neighborhood-scale businesses, sit in a gracious plaza and create a mews when combined with the retail spilling out of the ground floor of the apartment building. Set in a fractal paving pattern, the public spaces offer a stage, seating and bike parking opportunities and room for seasonal outdoor market stalls or other activation to occur. The retail and residential portions of this building all read ‘green’ as they meet the ground, with stormwater overtly being circulated through the public and private gathering spaces.

Pedestrians and pollinators mingle through the midblock – reconnecting 24th Avenue as a pedestrian link in the neighborhood. Layered plantings are programmed to provide habitat and food for local pollinators. Hummingbird feeders and ‘Little Libraries’ provide diversions to draw neighbors through this connection on a regular basis, making it a vital community open space.