Sound Transit Central Link – SeaTac/Airport Station & Pedestrian Bridges

The SeaTac/Airport Station connects passengers to downtown Seattle to the north and Angle Lake Station to the south from SeaTac International Airport. The station is comprised of a single island platform connected to a mezzanine level that houses ticket vending machines, seating, public art, and connections to two pedestrian bridges.

HEWITT provided architecture, urban design, and landscape architecture for the station and pedestrian bridges. The station design emphasizes a theme of flight, similar to its sibling Tukwila/International Boulevard Station to the north. The roof features a series of steel trusses that cover the platform and leave it unobstructed by support columns. Featured public art includes Werner Klotz’s Flying Sails, Christian Moeller’s Restless, and Fernanda D’Agostino’s Celestial Navigation.

The pedestrian bridges are accessible at the mezzanine level – the west bridge connects to the fourth level of the airport parking garage, where a covered walkway leads to the main terminal; the east bridge crosses the Airport Expressway to a plaza on International Boulevard with public art; passenger dropoff; secured bike storage; and a bus terminal.