Sound Transit Lynnwood Link – Preliminary Engineering

Northgate to Lynnwood, WA

The travel corridor between the City of Lynnwood and downtown Seattle is subject to heavy traffic, especially during peak commute times. To help alleviate gridlock, Sound Transit proposed extending commuter transit services to the cities of Shoreline, Mountlake Terrace, and Lynnwood from North Seattle.

During preliminary engineering and environmental analysis, HEWITT provided architecture and urban design services to help determine the preferred mode of transit and generate alternative routes along the 8.5 mile corridor extending north from Northgate Station to Lynnwood Transit Center to a preliminary design level.

Our effort involved station alternatives analysis and station area planning for future land use and development for four new light rail stations – Shoreline South/145th; Shoreline North/185th; Mountlake Terrace; and Lynnwood City Center. All stations are sized to accommodate four-car trains. The Shoreline and Lynnwood stations also have additional parking spaces near the station head.