Northgate Station & Garage

NorthLink – Sound Transit’s extension of light rail service north of Seattle – connects several major urban centers to Central Link and greatly increases capacity in a high ridership transit corridor. Northgate Station, the terminal station in the NorthLink extension project, is centered at the area’s transportation hub and immediately adjacent to a robust commercial center ringed by single and multifamily homes.

Creating a strong civic place that meets light rail program parameters was the goal. HEWITT’s efforts for the design development started with a design workshop engaging Sound Transit, WSDOT, King County Metro and SDOT that led to the final design of Northgate Station. The design solution had the station cantilever over 1st Avenue NE to maximize future TOD potential for the King County Metro site. The station also spans Northeast 103rd Street to allow the station entry and connection to Northgate Mall.

The resulting elevated light rail station and adjacent parking garage will interface with the existing Northgate Transit Center, facilitate connections to Northgate Mall, and provide a connection point to the future Lynnwood Link Extension project.