Roosevelt Station

NorthLink – Sound Transit’s extension of light rail service north of Seattle – connects several major urban centers to Central Link and greatly increases capacity in a high ridership transit corridor. Roosevelt Station, the second station in the NorthLink extension project, is located within the urban core of the Roosevelt neighborhood and surrounded by single and multifamily residences, commercial and retail, and a local high school.

HEWITT’s preliminary design for the tunnel station started with alternatives analysis for siting in three locations and leading to 20% design for the selected site and urban design study for station entrances in relation to future TOD potential.

Extensive community involvement with neighborhood organizations, businesses, and property owners helped to clearly define station entry identity and function. The underground station is accessible through two separate at-grade entrances. The south entry will serve the majority of patrons and features a larger concourse and ticketing area and generous covered entry plaza. The north entry faces Roosevelt High School and is scaled appropriately to the residential portion of the neighborhood. Clear and translucent glazed walls provide glimpses into the station from the street; other station finishes are simple, robust, and chosen for longevity, ease of maintenance, and economy.