Sounder Rail – Lakewood Station & Pedestrian Bridge

The Lakewood Station and Pedestrian Bridge serves to connect commuters and communities in the Puget Sound region. In the City of Lakewood, Sound Transit developed a multi-modal transit center to serve bus lines from three transit agencies – Sound Transit, Pierce County Transit, and King County Metro – as well as the Sounder commuter train. HEWITT worked with these agencies to develop a station that would bridge the City of Lakewood to Seattle and beyond.

Ease, space, and safety are key parts to ridership. Hence, design of the station, its nearby 629-car parking structure, and open space plaza has a two-fold purpose: to provide improvement and connectivity to the area. The elevated pedestrian bridge completed a critical component in 2013. As the connecting link with the hospital and the community on the north, the design accounts for the high-density zoning adjacent to the bridge that contributes to the ridership and the desirability of the neighborhood itself. Steel truss canopies with windscreens shelter patrons on the 300-foot bus-loading platforms. While large screens shield the four-story parking structure along Pacific Highway.

The station includes public art commissioned by Sound Transit, Transpire, a cast bronze sculpture by Mark Calderon that represents a campfire through intertwined spires.